Travel and accommodation are major expense items for most organisations. The hidden costs though are what really challenges travel managers and procurement specialists. The hours staff spend doing expenses, accounts reconciliation and data entry, missed GST cycles due to late expense submissions, and the lack of financial oversight on how to reduce your accommodation spend.

The Hotel Networks customised accommodation management solution increases the visibility of your travel costs by:

  • Providing electronic data that can be easily uploaded into your own financial systems to aid in forecasting, reporting and reconciliation.
  • Partnering with centralised billing payment providers such as Diners and American Express, providing one monthly invoice for all your accommodation spend.
  • Accommodation and incidentals can be charged back to your central billing option.
  • Easily integrating with 3rd part OBT’s such as Concur, Serko and Arnold to provide one stop reporting for your accommodation.
  • Providing world class technology which assists in managing the expectations of the modern business traveller, saving time, increasing satisfaction and driving policy compliance.


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