We understand the importance of gaining exhibitors to help finance your event which is why we work closely with you and your team to identify and target the right organisations to maximise the market-place opportunities for your delegates and visitors. By partnering with The Hotel Network, we give you more time to focus on your event by taking on the important yet tedious tasks involved in organising an exhibition.

How we can help

  • Researching Exhibitor Space & Design: No two exhibitions are the same. Whereone can be held in a hotel foyer another may require drainage points to showcase different types of equipment. We work out the logistics and exhibitor requirements before providing suitable venue options
  • Coordinating with exhibitors & sponsors: Work with exhibitors to coordinate requirements and answer pressing questions throughout the process
  • Exhibitor package production: Development of exhibitor packages and pricing structures ensuring advantages for all stakeholders
  • Logistical management of all enquiries & bookings: Our state of the art technology and registration system ensures a seamless process for exhibitor registrations and easy reporting
  • Supplier and contractor management: Organisation of booth builds, freight,signage and furniture for all exhibitors
  • Clear communication between exhibitors, contractors & venue: Production and communication of clear and concise bump in and bump out processes for all stakeholders inclusive of pre and post event marketing guidelines
  • On-site event management: Our dedicated team of Event Coordinators will beonsite pre, during and post production to ensure a seamless exhibition, immersing themselves into all aspects of the event from registrations and logistical management through to booth set up when required



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